Springs Landing

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(protect and enhance your property) Take some time to walk around your property and examine your trees. A close inspection will likely reveal one or 2 declining trees; particularly pines and oaks. Before having to remove diseased or dying trees consider planting new ones; so they are established in advance. Look for young upstart seedlings that are in a desirable location, protect and encourage their growth. We have lost so many trees to acts of nature in the past few years, it is time to regenerate and protect what truly sets our neighborhood apart from others – our trees and natural environment.


(and avoid more weeds) When it's the rainy season, let Mother Nature water your yard for free. Turn your sprinkler system to “manual”, use only if necessary or use a rain gauge. Too much water (sprinklers plus rain) will only encourage weed growth. If you have to water, please observe St John’s Water Management watering restrictions. Odd house numbers can water Tuesday and Saturday, even house numbers Sunday and Thursday, all between the hours of 4pm to 10 am; but remember only if necessary.